Sector Issues

Access to drinking water is difficult, often requiring expensive transport of bottled water to the environment (by helicopter for oil rigs). Bottled water has exorbitant negative impacts on the environment, on one’s health, and on one’s back pocket.

  • Logistics
    • Regular stock counts are required to determine when to re-order water.
    • Receiving, storing and distributing of bottles is cumbersome, time consuming and hazardous.
  • Health
    • Concerns of plastic containers leaching dangerous BPA’s into the water.
    • Questionable supplier’s promise of the quality of the bottled water.
  • Sustainability
    • Large carbon footprint associated with transporting bottled water, manufacturing the plastic bottles and the disposal thereof.
  • Financial
    • Increased fuel costs and toll-road charges could outstrip the supplier’s promise. 

Cirrus Water Solution & Benefits

Cirrus water is created on-site and piped directly through to water dispensers.

  • Logistics
    • No stock counts and water re-ordering is required.
    • Cirrus water is piped directly to outlets, negating the need for bottle logistics.
    • Workers refill flasks as required.
  • Health
    • Food grade piping and dispensers eliminate the concerns of plastic bottles leaching harmful BPA’s into the water.
  • Sustainability
    • Cirrus water has a greatly reduced carbon footprint because it is made on-site and piped directly to water outlets.
  • Financial
    • Fuel costs and disposal costs do not affect Cirrus water as the water is made on site.

Case Study

Remote Construction Site

A study was conducted over a five-year period to measure the effectiveness of the installation of the Cirrus water solution at a remote business. A massive cost saving of 88% was recorded compared to bottled water consumption, along with a largely reduced carbon footprint.

Download the full case study as a PDF