Sector Issues

Stressed municipal infrastructures often fail, leaving whole suburban areas without water. When the water supply returns, the water is often contaminated, putting the communities at risk for water-borne diseases.
  • Logistics
    • Regular stock counts are required to determine when to re-order water.
    • Receiving, storing and distributing of bottles is cumbersome, time consuming and hazardous.
  • Health
    • Concerns of plastic containers leaching dangerous BPA’s into the water.
    • Questionable supplier’s promise of the quality of the bottled water.
  • Sustainability
    • Large carbon footprint associated with transporting bottled water, manufacturing the plastic bottles and the disposal thereof.
  • Financial
    • Plastic bottled water is costly due to the transportation, manufacturing and disposal costs of the bottles.

Cirrus Water Solution & Benefits

Luxury homes can install Cirrus technology into their homes, supplying high-quality water to chilled drinking water dispensers, food preparation bowls and even bathroom sinks.
Housing Complexes can have centralised Cirrus machines supplying the entire community with drinking water
  • Logistics
    • No stock counts and last minute dashes to the shops are required.
    • Even if the municipal infrastructure fails, Cirrus Water will always be available.
  • Health
    • Cirrus water is freshly bottled into glass bottles, eliminating the concerns of questionable quality bottled water and BPA’s leaching into the water.
  • Sustainability
    • Cirrus water has a greatly reduced carbon footprint because it is made on-site and piped directly to water outlets.
  • Financial
    • Fuel costs and disposal costs do not affect Cirrus water as the water is made on site.

Case Study

Small Apartment Block

A small apartment block housed 20 people across six apartments. Regular breakages in municipal water occurred, leading to the water supply being interrupted. Leakages into water supply carried diseases, resulting in ill tenants, and loss of productivity.

The Body Corporate installed a CWM100 unit on the roof of the block, and piped the pristine water to each apartment. Telemetry calculates each apartment’s usage and charges accordingly. The Total Cost of Ownership over a five year period was calculated at R2.20, a massive 56% saving over bottled water!


Download the full case study as a PDF